Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!


  1. Well, don't you look pretty today! I'll bet you were flouncing around in that dress all night on New Year's Eve and kissed yourself in the mirror at midnight.

    What are your New Year's resolutions, sissy joy? I have some ideas:

    To wear lacy thongs to work every Monday...

    To start throwing out your last pairs of boy undies and replacing them full panties every other day of the workweek (getting rid of them all withing the next two months)...

    To get at least one new piece of sexy lingerie or a new pretty dress every week.

    To always wear heels, stockings and sexy lingerie around the house all day every "Slutty Saturday"

    To post both your "Slutty Saturday" outfits and your Monday Thong every week.

    How does that sound, little girl? Think you could manage that for us this year without going crazy and purging again?

  2. Like Lascivia said, don't you look pretty today?!

    I love her ideas!

  3. you do look pretty. Your sexy feminine ass makes me hard, if you were here right now I'd fuck you sexy ass

  4. Very nice sexy ass, I love to be fucking your ass.

  5. Thanks all. I did feel pretty prancing around in that pretty dress.

    @Lascivia - Thanks for the wonderful sissification ideas. I think I would be able to follow most of what you suggested. I am definitely on track to replacing all my male underwear with pretty panties. As for new lingerie and 'slutty saturday' every week, if not every week, I will definitely try as much as I possibly can. I really really want to get through this year without purging. I resolve to be a good little sissy gurl this year!

  6. i so know the feeling of purging...hope u make it through that...

  7. you'll make a Daddy very happy one day!>)