Sunday, December 5, 2010


As punishment for trying to be a man and denying my sissy nature, I was to spank myself until my ass cheeks turned red. Here are some pics. Having never been spanked before, though I didn't quite get it bright red, it hurt a lot. After the humiliating self-spanking, I stood in the corner for 30 minutes, reflecting on my behavior and self punishment.


  1. so pretty, your sexy butt almost matches the panties.

    kisses, michelle

  2. it is a very nice sissy ass should be serviced often

  3. Oh sissy joy, what rosy cheeks you gave yourself! Such a good little girl! Now I hope you'll never again forget that you're just a little sissy and you shouldn't even THINK about living without panties ever again.

    Now, you need to post pics of the panties you wore to work on Monday and tell us all about your day. Did you need to squirt in the bathroom at work?

  4. Thank you for sharing these photos. If Miss D were here She would say you are a Very good gurl!

    You are such a good gurl!

    Miss D's wannabe flower gurl,

    PS... do any of you gurls know where Miss D has gone? I worry about her because I respect Her!

  5. You make a sissy wanna be hairless and pretty just like you are Sweetie :-)

    Chaste respect

  6. Tsk, tsk, sissy joy -- you're late for your next posting! You promised us that you'd post AT LEAST once a week, and you're already failing us...

    What else are you failing at, my backsliding bitch? Are you wearing panties to work again today like you promised? You never told us how it went last week, so now I'm doubting you even did it then.

    We're all very, VERY disappointed in you sissy joy. If you don't post something soon to make up for it, you're going to need anoher spanking -- this time with a BELT!

    Tapping my foot,
    Mistress Lascivia

  7. Wow, according to Lascivia's standards I am being a better gurl than the owner of this Blog... giggle.

    Please show us your gurl side! Set an example for me ;-)

  8. Lovely and as you most likely know you can't go back so be prepared for more spankings and getting more feminiized. It isn't just panties but becoming fully feminized into wearing a dress and becomming a real little dear around the house.

  9. Great dangling sack. and so smooth too

  10. I like reading what other sissies do for their training.
    Drop by and read my blog too.
    Sissy Training from a Real Man