Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pink thong to work

After having done this twice, I thought it might get easier. But the fact that I had to wear a frilly lace thong as opposed to the relatively comfortable boy shorts made it a lot tougher.

At first when I stepped out of my apartment wearing those thongs under my jeans, there was this rush of excitement unlike anything I had experienced before. As I started driving and got close to work, the excitement gave way to nervousness.

With the boy shorts, after the initial nervousness, as I engrossed myself in work, I pretty much was able to easily take my mind off the panties. I only had to be mindful of the panties when I had to use the bathroom.

With these thongs, it was a totally different experience. The thong pulling against my crack constantly reminded me of my exposed butt cheeks. That humiliating reminder would excite my little peepee causing it to rise only for the fear of being exposed as a pantywaist overwhelm the excitement and cause my dicklet to shrink back. The whole day I was squirming in my seat, going through these roller coaster of emotions.

At the end of the day though, I am glad I did it.


  1. Good Girl! Sissy joy, I'm so proud of you. I knew you'd squirm all day in a thong, but you'd love it, you little slut! ;)

    From now on, Panty Monday will be Thong Monday, and you'll start replacing your other male underwear with full-back panties on other days fo the week. Even though everyone here agreed that those silly frill-edged boyshorts shouldn't count, you can wear those (or something like them) the rest of the week, as long as you wear a lacy thong on Mondays.

    You're doing well, sissy joy, making up for your tragic lapse. Before you know it, you won't even OWN any boy's underwear, and you'll be wearing lacy thongs and sissy stockings under your clothes at work every day! Doesn't that sound exciting, little sissy?

  2. I am so excited for you! I remember how difficult it was for me to wear panties 24/7 in the beginning.

    I agree with what Lascivia about it being okay for a beginner like you to wear your silly frilly-edged boyshorts most of the week, so long as you wear something ultra femme and frilly on Mondays.

    It sounds like your Mistress has decided there will be no more buying men's underwear for you from now on. Remember to toss out a pair of men's underswear everytime you buy new pair of panties sweetie!

    I am speaking from experience here :-)

    Miss D's former wanna-be flower gurl, Cindy

  3. Thongs are essential in being totally submissive. My master makes me wear nothing else on an evening, you'll get used to them. My master made me throw all my normal underwear out, now its just thongs, thongs. I have to wear them everywhere. I've lost a few friends because they've seen my thongs when I was out and about, but I'm a slut, and I serve my master all the time. I have to clean the house in chastity and a thong only.... You'll grow to adore them eventually. :) xxxx