Tuesday, December 14, 2010

panty report

After my failure last week, I was determined to wear panties to work this week. Nervous and excited, I chose this black lace boy shorts to wear under my khaki pants Yesterday.

I typically wear jeans to work, but chose to wear pants thinking that the slight loose fitting pants would not show the panty lines as much as a tight fitting jeans might. I drove extra carefully to work just to avoid getting in to an accident and landing in a hospital with lacy panties! 

As soon as I got to work, my colleague in the next cubicle looked at me and said, 'what happened?'. For a second, I froze in fear wondering how did he know. I panicked wondering if I had forgotten to zip up and looked down. At once, I realized that he was surprised by me wearing pants as opposed to the usual pair of jeans. I shrugged 'just like that', settled down at my desk and started working. Having handled the situation well, my fear went away and I felt a little more confident that I can get through the day okay.

Next came the first visit to the bathroom. I kept saying to myself 'use the stall, not the urinal' all the way walking to the bathroom. As i entered the bathroom stall and sat down to pee, I heaved a sigh of relief. The act of sitting down to pee, just like a girl, with panties down mid thigh but dressed in man clothes and that too in such a public place where a lot of people know me got me really excited. My little clitty started to get a little bigger. Heart pounding, I gave it a couple of rubs before recovering, tucking my dicklet back in my panties, pulling up my pants and walked  briskly back to my desk. I made sure I drank very little fluids the rest of the day just to avoid going to the bathroom!

As the day wound to an end and folks started leaving, I stayed back citing some work to finish. I left work a little later when almost all were gone, rushed back home and ran to the bathroom. I just had to pee! After peeing, I thought about my bathroom experience at work, got excited and this time didn't have to hold back. I rubbed my sissy clit until it squirted.


  1. I remember just how it felt the first time I wore panties or stockings to work, I was just as nervous as you! You brought back exciting memories for me. Thank you! It takes a lot more than wearing panties to work to thrill me now that I do so everyday.

    By the way sweetie, the chinos will show the panty lines much better than the jean will :-) Wear the chinos!

  2. As a sister sissy, i too wear panties and the actions of feeling feminine especially while in public living your life are something that makes me tingle and my heart flutter.
    i love sitting to pee like a girl, wiping and tucking. It's great to pee and admire your pretty panties isn't it?
    I have also worn pantyhose over panties, and sometimes a bra too. Sometimes panties with stockings and a garter belt, sometimes a girdle and stockings over panties too. If you haven't tried those, you will enjoy those more intense feelings as well.
    In a dirty restroom, i have also hovered over the potty like women do in those situations, all amazing, keep going sissy and have fun!
    sissy cindy lynn

  3. A clitty rub at work is just the best thing. Such a thrill especially if you hear someone outside