panty of the month - pink ruffled thong


  1. You have a very sissy body. Congratulations.

  2. i would classify that pair as panty of the year !!

  3. tsk tsk, siisy joy, you forgot one of the most important shots when posting your new thong! You owe us a few more pics of you from behind with your thong pulled up.

    It was so disappointing to see you pull it down so quickly cuz you just couldn't wait to flap that pathetic little bean in our faces. Your butt is much more girly than that sissy clit of yours. You should be more eager to show that off to us when you present yourself.

    Sigh... sissy joy, you have soooo much work to do in learning to be a proper sissy.

    Mistress Lascivia

  4. @sasha & @sissy slut michelle - Thanks!

  5. @Mistress Lascivia - Ok, Mistress. I will take more pics of my sissy butt in those thongs and post them soon.

  6. Oh what cute pink panties and your legs are so nice dear.

  7. Please sissy,

    When will you send us the link to buy those exact panties? Us gurls have needs too!

    Miss D's "I wish I could be her flower gurl"

  8. @anonymous - This and other cute panties can be bought from I get most of my panties from there.


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