Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pink thong to work

After having done this twice, I thought it might get easier. But the fact that I had to wear a frilly lace thong as opposed to the relatively comfortable boy shorts made it a lot tougher.

At first when I stepped out of my apartment wearing those thongs under my jeans, there was this rush of excitement unlike anything I had experienced before. As I started driving and got close to work, the excitement gave way to nervousness.

With the boy shorts, after the initial nervousness, as I engrossed myself in work, I pretty much was able to easily take my mind off the panties. I only had to be mindful of the panties when I had to use the bathroom.

With these thongs, it was a totally different experience. The thong pulling against my crack constantly reminded me of my exposed butt cheeks. That humiliating reminder would excite my little peepee causing it to rise only for the fear of being exposed as a pantywaist overwhelm the excitement and cause my dicklet to shrink back. The whole day I was squirming in my seat, going through these roller coaster of emotions.

At the end of the day though, I am glad I did it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

panty report for dec 20

Today, I wore a much more comfortable pair of panties and a comfortable pair of jeans to work...

I didn't quite feel as nervous as last week in these grey cotton boy shorts.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

panty report

After my failure last week, I was determined to wear panties to work this week. Nervous and excited, I chose this black lace boy shorts to wear under my khaki pants Yesterday.

I typically wear jeans to work, but chose to wear pants thinking that the slight loose fitting pants would not show the panty lines as much as a tight fitting jeans might. I drove extra carefully to work just to avoid getting in to an accident and landing in a hospital with lacy panties! 

As soon as I got to work, my colleague in the next cubicle looked at me and said, 'what happened?'. For a second, I froze in fear wondering how did he know. I panicked wondering if I had forgotten to zip up and looked down. At once, I realized that he was surprised by me wearing pants as opposed to the usual pair of jeans. I shrugged 'just like that', settled down at my desk and started working. Having handled the situation well, my fear went away and I felt a little more confident that I can get through the day okay.

Next came the first visit to the bathroom. I kept saying to myself 'use the stall, not the urinal' all the way walking to the bathroom. As i entered the bathroom stall and sat down to pee, I heaved a sigh of relief. The act of sitting down to pee, just like a girl, with panties down mid thigh but dressed in man clothes and that too in such a public place where a lot of people know me got me really excited. My little clitty started to get a little bigger. Heart pounding, I gave it a couple of rubs before recovering, tucking my dicklet back in my panties, pulling up my pants and walked  briskly back to my desk. I made sure I drank very little fluids the rest of the day just to avoid going to the bathroom!

As the day wound to an end and folks started leaving, I stayed back citing some work to finish. I left work a little later when almost all were gone, rushed back home and ran to the bathroom. I just had to pee! After peeing, I thought about my bathroom experience at work, got excited and this time didn't have to hold back. I rubbed my sissy clit until it squirted.

Monday, December 13, 2010

panty report...

I admit that I did not wear panties to work last Monday. After the humiliating spanking last Sunday, a sense of overwhelming shame took over that prevented me from wearing the panties the next day. Today though I managed to wear panties to work. Will post a more detailed write up of my nervous day in panties with pics tomorrow...

Sunday, December 5, 2010


As punishment for trying to be a man and denying my sissy nature, I was to spank myself until my ass cheeks turned red. Here are some pics. Having never been spanked before, though I didn't quite get it bright red, it hurt a lot. After the humiliating self-spanking, I stood in the corner for 30 minutes, reflecting on my behavior and self punishment.