Thursday, November 25, 2010

sissy princess

I purged, tried being a real man, failed and am now back as my submissive sissy self. It's hard pretending to be a man when you have a tiny peanut hanging between your legs that constantly reminds you of your inadequacy as a man. Sure, I am a male, but I am not a man. I am just a submissive sissy with a tiny gurlie clitty.

As I re-build up my sissy wardrobe, since I missed dressing up for Halloween, one of the first items I bought is a Halloween costume. As I pranced and twirled around in the fairytale princess costume, I felt so very pretty!



  1. Thank You Sissy Princess,

    Welcome back I for one have missed you.

    You are beautiful.

    Kisses, michelle

  2. it looks great-very pretty xxxx Jim

  3. Oh, I feel you, sweetie. Purging is such a waste. But now you're back, with your tiny little clitty away where it belongs. You look precious in your sissy dress, hun.

  4. @sissycrissi - Yes, I shouldn't have thrown my pretty clothes away. My clitty belongs in pretty panties.

  5. Well I hoped you learned your lesson about purging. I learned many years ago. Being a sissy or a T-girl is not a choice as you found out. It is what you are and you cannot change it. And why would you want to change it!

  6. Little stevie's right joy -- you have no choice whether you're a sissy or not. That decision was made for you when you were born with that teeny weeny!

    I laughed out loud when I read that you "tried being a real man" -- what on earth gave you the delusion that you could even try?!? HA! But as funny as it sounded, it was still a rebellion against your natural sissiness and that cannot be allowed, young lady. You purged and so you must be punished...

    You must now purge any boyish undies you may have acquired during your shameful lapse -- they all go in the garbage, understand? From now on the only undies you're allowed to own will be panties, and you will have to wear them under your clothes every day. You can't even have regular undershirts -- if you need to wear something under your shirt, it has to be a silky teddy or girly tanktop, understand?

    And second, little girl, you have to make up for lost time. I'm sure all of your Mistresses and sissy sisters missed you as much as I did while you were hiding from your true self, and you have to make it up to us. That means posting much more that you have been. Once a month is simply unacceptable -- you posted once a week before you forgot your place in life and went dark. Now you need to start posting at LEAST twice a week for the next few months to make up for what you owe us. You don't have to wait until you get a new pair of panties (tho you should be buying a new pair at least once a week to replace your boywear). You should mix and match outfits and post little strip shows for us with what you have.

    You might start with a post of the self-spanking you deserve for denying your sissy nature. I want to see you on your hands and knees with your pink panties pulled down and a belt in your hand, with pictures snapped after each hard whack so we can all see the red marks accumulate on your pretty, girlish butt.

    You owe us all a lot of new posts, sissy joy. You had better get busy!

    Mistress Lascivia

    PS: it's good to have you back. Don't get lost again! ;)

  7. @Mistress Lascivia -

    "you have no choice whether you're a sissy or not. That decision was made for you when you were born with that teeny weeny!" - Yes, Mistress, I realize that now.

    "You must now purge any boyish undies you may have acquired during your shameful lapse" - Oh Mistress, I am really a wimpy and shy sissy. I always wore boy undies when outside, even before my lapse. I tried wearing panties under my clothes to work once and almost had an heart attack! Can I take it slow, please? I promise to throw away a pair of boy undies, every time I wear a pair of panties to work. And, I promise to wear panties to work at least once a week.

    "And second, little girl, you have to make up for lost time." - Yes, Mistress. I will post more often.

    "self-spanking you deserve for denying your sissy nature" - I definitely cannot handle the belt, Mistress. That's too much pain for this wimpy sissy. I will spank myself with bare hands and take the pictures as you described.

    "it's good to have you back." - Thank you Mistress. And, thank you so very much for your comments, Mistress. I love them.

  8. Oh joy, you really are a pathetic little wimp, aren't you? You can't take a belt, you're scared of dildos and you can't even take wearing panties under your boyclothes?!? Tsk,tsk... Not only are you totally incapable of being a man (HA! sounds funny just thinking about it), but you can hardly bring yourself to become a decent sissy!

    Sigh... Okay, you can use your hand, but you had better be sure to turn BOTH cheeks bright red for your pictures!

    And I'll allow you to start slowly transitioning to wearing panties to work. But you must immediately get rid of all but five pairs of your boy undies -- you only need enough to wear during the workweek. If you go out on the weekends, you need to wear panties, or you can just "go commando" -- once you experience how vulnerable it feels to flap around with nothing on under your pants, you'll be glad for the security of a silky panty cradling your little peanut.

    As for work (which I understand can be a challenge), you can start out just wearing panties on Mondays -- but it has to be a thong, so you feel your slacks rub your bare butt cheeks. After a couple of weeks, you should start wearing panties every Tuesday as well, and so on. Understand, young lady?

    Oh and btw, if you feel your heart start racing and you don't think you can take it any more, there's a simple cure -- just go into a bathroom stall and play with your clitty until you squirt into a tissue! Yes joy, you'll be allowed a little sissy squirt as a reward for wearing panties to work like a good girl.

    But you'll have to blog about it for us as soon as you get home! ;) In fact, you should be so proud whenever you wear panties outside that you post about it every time whether you squirt at work or not -- that way, we can all monitor your progress.

    Don't worry, sissy joy, before you know it we'll have you going to work every day wearing a very convincing boy costume on the outside, but underneath, you be wearing a sliky teddy, lacy panties and even stockings and a garter belt! Won't that be fun sissy joy?

    Mistress Lascivia

    PS: I was quite pleased by your prompt and detailed response, sissy joy. Keep it up. Oh, and tell me, what do you usually wear to bed at night?

    1. I love dildos and can take my 9" vibrator all the way......feels sooooooooooooo good just wish it could cum in me, I wear nothing BUT panties and sleep in a nightdress and panties

  9. @Mistress Lascivia - I threw away all my male underwear except for five pairs, Mistress. I am both tingling with excitement and trembling with fear thinking about wearing thongs to work on Monday! I will post how it goes on Monday.

    Sometimes I wear just a babydoll or camisole to bed. But, mostly I sleep naked.

  10. Trying to be a man ends up the same way for me sweetie.

    Miss D's former wannabe flower gurl,