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tiny little peanut

I couldn’t quite get good wet shots of my tiny peanut stepping out of the shower, but these are some extreme close-ups of my tiny dicklette fresh out of the shower. Turns out the close-up shots don’t make the little nub appear any bigger.

sissy humiliation questionnaire

Here are my answers to Miss D’s humiliation questionnaire - As instructed by Miss D, I have answered ‘yes’ to anything I imagine/fantasize myself doing at the order of a Mistress.Are you required to wear your panties every day? Yes
Do you own ruffled panties? Yes
Are you sent to the store to buy new panties when yours become tattered or stained? Yes
Are you required to hand wash all the delicates - both yours and Hers and hang them on a clothesline in the back yard? Yes
Does She ask you openly in front of friends about what color panties you are wearing? Yes
Has She put you in a very short sissy dress that exposes your ruffled sissy panties when guests come over? Yes
Does She stuff Her cum soaked panties in your sissy mouth after a date night? YesDo you wearing pantyhose or a pretty garter belt and stockings under your work clothes more often than not? Yes
Has your Mistress required you to wear a bra out in public even though the straps were noticeable under your thin top? Yes
Does She insist…