purple thongs

Whenever I wish I was a man with a big cock, my Mistress reminds me to stop dreaming and accept the truth – that I am just a pindick sissy.
‘Sissy, if you had a cock, how will it fit inside all those cute little thongs?’. ‘You are not a sissy because of your pindick. You have a tiny peepee because you are a sissy. You are meant to be a sissy, honey.’
‘Your baby dick look adorable covered in those tiny purple thongs, sissy’, she consoled me. ‘And, they look cute when not covered in panties, too! LOL’.


  1. love your bod, just right honey xxx Jim

  2. Little sissies like us wouldn't know how to deal with having real dicks . . . real cocks beling in our mouths and ass-pussies -- period. Besides, you have a cute little clitty.

  3. love the pics sweetie--really cute--you have such a fem body--keep up the good work!

  4. such a sweet body babe--keep it up!

  5. You have such a nice sissy body. Too bad you don't show the rest of yourself!

  6. Oh you silly little sissy! crissi is right -- if you had a real cock, you'd break your neck trying to get it into your mouth, wouldn't you? Admit it slut! And look at you so eager to get naked for the camera! The post is called "purple thong" but it's gone less than halfway through the pics. Ha ha, I knew when I made you swish naked for us you'd be baring all for the camera all the time. Does getting naked for us make your clitty puffy, little sissy?

  7. Yes Mistress Lascivia, my little clitty does get excited when humiliated.

  8. Aren't you forgetting something, sissy? You were also supposed to confess to us that if you did have a real cock you'd just spend all of your time trying to put it in your sissy, lipsticked mouth! Tsk, tsk. You deserve a hard pussy reaming for that. You do have a rubber cock for punishment fuckings don't you sissy joy?

  9. No, Lascivia, I don't have a rubber cock.

  10. sissy, I'm disgusted with you. How could you NOT have a gigantic rubber cock to fondle and play with when you fantasize about what will happen when you finally see a Real Man's cock up close!?!? sissy joy, you need to get yourself a realistic rubber cock to play with Right Away! Do you understand me, sissy? You have to have a rigid, veiny rod to hold onto whenever you think about big cocks -- you need it to remind you that the big cock will never belong to you, but rather to a Real Man, and you'll just be holding it, or kissing it, or licking it, or sucking it, or worshipping it, or taking it right up your sissy pussy -- do you understand, sissy joy?

    I'm shocked and disappointed that you hadn't already seen to this vital piece of a sissyslut's gear. I'm sure I'm not alone in being a bit surprised that you haven't always had a big real-feel rubber cock in your little sissy closet that you'd get out and compare to your little raisinette every morning and every night.

    Honestly, sissy, didn't any of your earlier Mistresses make you get a big, manly real-sized cock to worship?

    tsk tsk,
    Mistress Lascivia

    PS: Needless to say sissybitch, you next and most important assignment is to correct this embarrassing situation and get yourself a (vibrating) rubber cock to play with -- understand me, sissy joy? Tell me (and everybody) what you're going to do right away.

  11. I like the adorable picture 'girlieboy opening up wide' most...


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