Thursday, March 11, 2010

little black dress

Now that I am more comfortable walking in my heels, I painted my toes pink, dressed up in my thongs and little black dress and strutted my sissy ass. As I pranced and twirled, I imagined walking the ramp in a sissy pageant. Soon the slut in me took over, swishing and stripping, imagining being forced to dance in a strip club for a bachelorette party. The giggles and laughter of the pretty girls added to the humiliation and excitement. The bride was glad that she was marrying a real man with a real cock and not a little sissy with a tiny weenie.


  1. mmmmmmmmmm such a sexy sissy gurl so very hot doll!!!

  2. A sissygurl doesn't have to worry about her tiny little clitty - it is too small to notice - really... That's why it is so appropriate for you to be in panties - pretty panties for joy.

    I do like the idea of you on stage - stripping out of your pretty LBD and strutting in your heels. When you are ready to do that, let Me know - I want to be there - it will be such fun!

    Miss D

  3. honey-you're pretty and you look just right
    xxxxx Jim