Tuesday, February 23, 2010

swishing naked

I have been swishing and prancing around in just my heels as Mistress Lascivia ordered. As Mistress said, my tiny clitty stuck out like a little vienna sausage, bouncing up and down embarrassingly as I swished and pranced nude in my heels.


  1. Ha ha ha ha! Oh sissy! Your teeny weenie looks even sillier than I expected! Even stiff your clitty looks so stubby. So cute -- I just want to pinch it and hear you squeal! Hee hee!

    Very nice pictures, sissy joy. Despite your floppy nibblets, your legs and butt look very sexy and cute. But you should take some more shots highlighting your swishing -- showing your ankles crossed and your hip cocked far to the side, and of course, your arms at your sides and wrists daintily flipped up (palms to the floor).

    I'm proud of your effort, sissy joy, but you must do better if you want to earn a sissigasm!

  2. Like this, sweetie:


    Plus, b/c you has such a silly little dicklet, you have to accentuate your femininity with prissy wrists.

    Understand now, sissy?

  3. such a sexy sissydoll!!would love to suck your clitty babe!!!!

  4. ♥ Love your cute lil clitty, sis !♥

  5. I was wondering how big your clitty got when hard. Still small enough to disappear into your palm like a true sissy should be.