Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy valentine’s day

Here is my tiny peenie wrapped in a pink bow for Valentine’s day.


  1. Sissy Joy,

    Thank you for posting such cute pics of your smooth clitty. You look so good in pink sweetie!

    I wish I was as good looking a gurl as you are!

    Miss D's wanna-be Flower Gurl,

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmm such a sexy sissy clitty all wrap up in a pink ribbon!!!1

  3. such a sexy yummy sissy!!love your sissy clitty tied up in its pink ribbon

  4. No praise for your teeny clitty, sissy joy, no matter how pretty the package! ;)
    This is the second post with those 4" heel and you havem't learned to strut in them YET?
    You need to practice and post a few pics of you standing and turning in those heels to do them justice.

  5. @Lascivia - Yes, my teenie deserves humiliation not praise. I am practicing hard to walk in those heels.

  6. Good girl! Looking forward to seeing your cute butt and ladylegs perched atop those heels.

    Practice makes perfect, sissy joy, so you had better spend every private moment in those sexy heels -- and only those sexy heels -- swishing and prancing all over the place. You shouldn't even be allowed to wear panties until you can learn how to be graceful and girly with nothing but those sexy heels.

    Do you understand, sissy?

    Mistress Lascivia
    PS: And when are you going to start posting videos on this sissyblog, sissy?

  7. @Mistress Lascivia - Yes Mistress. I will swish and prance in just my heels all the time I am home. Okay Mistress, I will not wear panties until I perfect my sissy walk. Thank you, Mistress.

  8. Oh, such an obedient and eager little sissyslut! Teetering around in your new heels bareassed for a few days should do wonders for your poise, but I'm sure it will make you so very horny, won't it, sissy joy?

    Poor little sissy, feeling your teeny weenie clitty try and get bigger, but knowing it will fail completely. It must be so embarassing for you when your tiny, stiff clitty sticks out like a little vienna sausage, waging side to side as you swish your hips with every step. I'm sure you'd rather hide it from us, but you know you're not allowed...

    Oh yes, sissy, you're going to have to post pix for us of yourself swishing around your room naked. And since we all know you'll be turned on from prancing around nude in your heels, your itty bitty clitty must be stiff and at attention -- embarassingly displayed in each picture (except perhaps a few showing off that cute little butt of yours). Understand, sissy joy?

    Since you promised to prance around naked whenever you're home until you've learned how to strut, sissy, you have no excuse not to post your pix tonight. Big, full-length shots showing your shoes, legs, all the way up to your bare shoulders.

    Prove that you're going naked now at home, and show us all how much it turns you on, sissy joy.

  9. I so want to see your ass strutting around...those heels will do your ass wonders.

  10. sissy joy

    i love your little wrapped in a pink bow. It's so becoming of you. Who here besides us on the internet has seen your little clitty shaved and tied in a bow.

    If i owned your little clitty i would have you pierce your little clitty and use a small chain to prance you around or ... perhaps as small bell so i could hear you prance around as you practiced walking in your heels. or just pranced u around so u would be humiliated with that bow .. or ...


  11. Sweetie, you have beautiful, silky legs, and that little clit is just adorable!

  12. I like pussyboy, the last picture, most

  13. You have such a cute little sissy ass. I would smother it with sissy kisses!