red panties

Happy New Year! There are no points for guessing right, my resolution this year is to further my sissification.
I have never worn sheer panties before. But, now I absolutely love this pair of red, sheer boy shorts. The bow is cute, isn’t it? Also, this pair of black  shoes with 4” high heels are my current favorites. I have not quite mastered the art of sashaying my sissy ass in them, but, I am getting there.



  1. So make such a pretty sissy. You are suited to a life in skirts and dresses. I'm sure you'll get there before long. Good luck gorgeous girl. xxx

  2. So when are we going to see a real man taking you from behind?

  3. Very pretty joy! What a lucky gurl you are to have such a tiny clitty so that you have no problem wearing panties like those. I agree with Caitlin - you clearly are destined to a life of skirts and dresses. You are far better off as a gurl.

    Miss D

  4. Thanks, Miss D. Yes, as a male, my little penis is useless. But, as a sissy, my tiny clitty is very easy to tuck into sexy panties.

  5. Beautiful! How big or tiny is it when erect? I also have a tiny penis and when erect it only grows to 4.5 in.

  6. such a hot sexy sissy gurl!1 you look so hot as a sissy such be dressed all the time babe!!

  7. @sidegaviota - it's a little over 4" when erect

  8. totally hot and sexy, nice pussy too
    xxxx Jim


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