Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pink thong to work

After having done this twice, I thought it might get easier. But the fact that I had to wear a frilly lace thong as opposed to the relatively comfortable boy shorts made it a lot tougher.

At first when I stepped out of my apartment wearing those thongs under my jeans, there was this rush of excitement unlike anything I had experienced before. As I started driving and got close to work, the excitement gave way to nervousness.

With the boy shorts, after the initial nervousness, as I engrossed myself in work, I pretty much was able to easily take my mind off the panties. I only had to be mindful of the panties when I had to use the bathroom.

With these thongs, it was a totally different experience. The thong pulling against my crack constantly reminded me of my exposed butt cheeks. That humiliating reminder would excite my little peepee causing it to rise only for the fear of being exposed as a pantywaist overwhelm the excitement and cause my dicklet to shrink back. The whole day I was squirming in my seat, going through these roller coaster of emotions.

At the end of the day though, I am glad I did it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

panty report for dec 20

Today, I wore a much more comfortable pair of panties and a comfortable pair of jeans to work...

I didn't quite feel as nervous as last week in these grey cotton boy shorts.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

panty report

After my failure last week, I was determined to wear panties to work this week. Nervous and excited, I chose this black lace boy shorts to wear under my khaki pants Yesterday.

I typically wear jeans to work, but chose to wear pants thinking that the slight loose fitting pants would not show the panty lines as much as a tight fitting jeans might. I drove extra carefully to work just to avoid getting in to an accident and landing in a hospital with lacy panties! 

As soon as I got to work, my colleague in the next cubicle looked at me and said, 'what happened?'. For a second, I froze in fear wondering how did he know. I panicked wondering if I had forgotten to zip up and looked down. At once, I realized that he was surprised by me wearing pants as opposed to the usual pair of jeans. I shrugged 'just like that', settled down at my desk and started working. Having handled the situation well, my fear went away and I felt a little more confident that I can get through the day okay.

Next came the first visit to the bathroom. I kept saying to myself 'use the stall, not the urinal' all the way walking to the bathroom. As i entered the bathroom stall and sat down to pee, I heaved a sigh of relief. The act of sitting down to pee, just like a girl, with panties down mid thigh but dressed in man clothes and that too in such a public place where a lot of people know me got me really excited. My little clitty started to get a little bigger. Heart pounding, I gave it a couple of rubs before recovering, tucking my dicklet back in my panties, pulling up my pants and walked  briskly back to my desk. I made sure I drank very little fluids the rest of the day just to avoid going to the bathroom!

As the day wound to an end and folks started leaving, I stayed back citing some work to finish. I left work a little later when almost all were gone, rushed back home and ran to the bathroom. I just had to pee! After peeing, I thought about my bathroom experience at work, got excited and this time didn't have to hold back. I rubbed my sissy clit until it squirted.

Monday, December 13, 2010

panty report...

I admit that I did not wear panties to work last Monday. After the humiliating spanking last Sunday, a sense of overwhelming shame took over that prevented me from wearing the panties the next day. Today though I managed to wear panties to work. Will post a more detailed write up of my nervous day in panties with pics tomorrow...

Sunday, December 5, 2010


As punishment for trying to be a man and denying my sissy nature, I was to spank myself until my ass cheeks turned red. Here are some pics. Having never been spanked before, though I didn't quite get it bright red, it hurt a lot. After the humiliating self-spanking, I stood in the corner for 30 minutes, reflecting on my behavior and self punishment.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

sissy princess

I purged, tried being a real man, failed and am now back as my submissive sissy self. It's hard pretending to be a man when you have a tiny peanut hanging between your legs that constantly reminds you of your inadequacy as a man. Sure, I am a male, but I am not a man. I am just a submissive sissy with a tiny gurlie clitty.

As I re-build up my sissy wardrobe, since I missed dressing up for Halloween, one of the first items I bought is a Halloween costume. As I pranced and twirled around in the fairytale princess costume, I felt so very pretty!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

tiny little peanut

I couldn’t quite get good wet shots of my tiny peanut stepping out of the shower, but these are some extreme close-ups of my tiny dicklette fresh out of the shower. Turns out the close-up shots don’t make the little nub appear any bigger.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

sissy humiliation questionnaire

Here are my answers to Miss D’s humiliation questionnaire -

As instructed by Miss D, I have answered ‘yes’ to anything I imagine/fantasize myself doing at the order of a Mistress.

Are you required to wear your panties every day? Yes
Do you own ruffled panties? Yes
Are you sent to the store to buy new panties when yours become tattered or stained? Yes
Are you required to hand wash all the delicates - both yours and Hers and hang them on a clothesline in the back yard? Yes
Does She ask you openly in front of friends about what color panties you are wearing? Yes
Has She put you in a very short sissy dress that exposes your ruffled sissy panties when guests come over? Yes
Does She stuff Her cum soaked panties in your sissy mouth after a date night? Yes

Do you wearing pantyhose or a pretty garter belt and stockings under your work clothes more often than not? Yes
Has your Mistress required you to wear a bra out in public even though the straps were noticeable under your thin top? Yes
Does She insist that your bras be padded so that you can always have little sissy titties? No
Would She tell men in a pick-up bar that Her sissy hubby is wearing lingerie? No
Does She require you to sunbath in a bikini to make sure you get a dark bikini tan? No
Does She insist that you sleep in your cute little nighty every night? Yes

Has She replaced your inappropriate male sounding name with something far more delicate and feminine? Yes
Does She refer to you with sissy endearments such as slut or bitch or pantypoof or pansy? Yes
When out for dinner, has She used your feminine name in front of a waiter? No
Has She told friends how feminine you are when you are present? Yes
Does She show Her friends pictures of you in your best frills or post them on the internet? Yes
Has She insisted that you get all pretty so She could take you around the neighborhood for introductions? No

Is She pleased with you when you beg for Her help to become more feminine? Yes
Do you look through Women's catalogs together to keep you up on the latest styles? Yes
Do you put on your own make-up? Yes
Has She put you on a diet and started your corset training? Yes
Does She insist you keep your nails filed and polished? Yes
Do you go to the salon for manicures and pedicures? No
Do you have your very own closet filled with your gurly clothes? Yes
When you get home from work, are you required to immediately change into your gurly clothes? Yes

Does She generally drive the car when you go somewhere together? Yes
Does She like for you to carry Her purse when you are shopping together? Yes
Does She give you an allowance that you may spend only on your gurly things? Yes
Does everyone that you deal with speak with Her - not you - when completing a transaction? Yes
Are all your possessions in Her name? Yes

Did She have your ears pierced yet? No
Has She given you a little reminder of your purpose by writing it on your body with indelible ink? No
Do you have a tattoo marking you as Her sissy gurl? No
Has She shown anyone how red your behind gets after a hard whipping? No
Has She had your nipples pierced? No
Do you wear a necklace, ankle bracelet or other feminine jewelry to mark you as a sissy gurl? Yes

Do you do all the housekeeping? Yes
Do you do all the cooking? Yes
Do you do all the grocery shopping? Yes
Have you learned to sew? Yes
Do you own a maid's uniform? Yes
Have you been sent grocery shopping in your maid's uniform? No
Are you dressed in your most prim and proper maid's uniform for serving guests? Yes
Has She rented or just given your services as a maid to Her friends? Yes

Has She put you in the frilliest of your frills - made you into a pretty little sissy ornament for Her guests? Yes
Have you been taken for a walk around the block or been sent to the store to buy tampons in your gurly clothes? No
Has She taken you shopping for heels and had you try them on in the store? No
Have you been told to sit quietly and play with your dolls while the adults talk? No
Has She ordered you to drop your panties so Her friends could see how incredibly small you are? Yes
Have you been ordered to reach inside your panties and rub your clitty to a cum in front of Her guests? Yes

Does She insist that you sit when you pee? Yes
Do you have to ask Her permission to pee? Yes
Does She demand that the bathroom door remain open when you pee so that She can be sure you won't be touching yourself inappropriately? Yes
Has She filled you full of water and then not allowed you to go to the bathroom until you wet your panties? No
Has She taken you out into the yard on a leash and let you squat and pee like a pet? Yes
Does She put you in diapers? No
Do you lick Her clean after She pees? No
Have you been used as Her toilet? No

Does She refer to your dicklet as a clitty? Yes
The first time you put your panties on in front of Her, did your clitty swell up? Yes
Does She remind you of your lack of size and your 'hair trigger' each time She goes out on a date? Yes
Does your clitty drip and soak your panties when you feel humiliated? Yes
Has She told you that the smooth front of your panties fit you far better than men's briefs? Yes

Are you kept in chastity? Yes
When She does unlock you, do you find yourself on edge - ready to cum, as soon as the cage is released? Yes
Do you get excited knowing that She holds your key and there is not a thing you can do about it? Yes
Do you wake up in the middle of the night with painful swelling in your chastity because you have been teased and denied for days on end? No
Do you find yourself begging and pleading for release - promising to do anything She requires of you? Yes

Does She pull down your panties and give you a good spanking when you need it? Yes
Does She spank and whip you until you cry which makes your mascara run down your cheeks? No
Does She make you promise to be a good little gurl after a spanking? Yes
Have you been used as furniture or been left bound in an uncomfortable position for hours because you failed at a simple task that any gurl should be able to do quite easily? No
Does She send you to the corner for a time out, even in front of other people? Yes
Has She dressed you like a whore and made you stand out on the street until She decides you can come back inside? No

Has She made you lick your cum off Her after you had a little accident? Yes
Does She order you to worship Her well fucked pussy after a good fuck date? Yes
Does She like your tongue on Her clit when She is getting fucked by a real cock? Yes
Has She trained you to suck cock for Her? Yes
Have you begged to be allowed to suck Her boyfriend's cock hard for Her? No
Does your little clitty get all swollen when you suck cock or even when you are thinking about sucking cock? Yes
Does She remind you to refresh your make-up after you have finished licking up all the cum that was splashed all over your sissy face? Yes

Are you dildo trained? No
Has She locked your plug in you so that you could get fucked all day long? No
Have you been sent to the adult store to buy your own dildo? No
Does your clitty swell when you are penetrated? No
Does She fuck you with a strap-on and make you moan like a whore for Her? No
Has She let Her boyfriend fuck you? No

Are you only allowed to cum by milking? Yes
Does She give you spoiled orgasms? Yes
Do you have to earn the right for a sissy cummy? Yes
Does She insist that you wear a condom for sex with Her but never asks that of Her boyfriends? Yes
If She allows you to watch porn, is it sissy gurl porn? Yes
Have you cum while watching your Mistress being fucked by a real man? Yes

Has She shown or told other people about your intense sexual excitement over your femming? Yes
Are you humiliated by your craving for sissy humiliations? Yes
Do you think you deserve to be femmed, cuckolded and humiliated? Yes
If She demanded it, would you allow your body to be altered permanently - made more feminine by implants, facial surgery, etc; even though you would still be kept as a sissy? No
Would you agree to become a sissy whore if that was the only way you could remain femmed 24/7? No
Will you share your answers to this list with your Mistress or with the other readers of this blog? Yes

That’s 69 ‘yes’ and Miss D says -

You are the kind of gurl that does enjoy your humiliations but you are probably not willing to be too public about them. You are likely to do almost anything to please your Mistress that She demands of you as long as it is kept private. Your preference for humiliations are those that are more mental rather than the physical and public kind. Gurls in this category can be pushed into a greater need for sissy humiliations - but it does require pushing. You probably excel with your femming and could end up being a maid or a pretty prissy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

spring time sissy

Spring time is time for sissy pixies to flap around in pretty pink.