Saturday, August 1, 2009

panty of the month

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  1. You know what you need for summertime you little sissy bitch? You need some big, round, girly sunglasses -- the kind that will make you feel glamorous and fabulous as you prance around naked in your heels.

    That way, with most of your face covered, you can finally put on some lipstick and makeup for us like I know you want to.

    Sissiness isn't only a matter of heels and panties and shaving -- though all of those are very important. A true sissy has to feminize her lips too, just like a girl. Having sexy, pouty lips is as important to a sissy slut as swishing her butt as she prances around.

    I'm sure you already practice with make-up already every chance you get -- trying different lipstick colors or mascarra, spending hours to get your eyeliner just right. You pucker your lips in the mirror and dash blush on your cheeks, practicing your look until you have to wash it all off and go out into the world, wondering if you may have missed just enough this time for somebody to figure out what you've been doing.

    You need to show us those pouty lips, sissy joy -- and I know you've been wanting to. You don't have to show your face, just your pretty, puckered lips. But you'll need some sunglasses -- some big, glamorous, movie-star sunglasses.

    You should consider that as your next assignment.