Friday, August 14, 2009

black stockings

There is something incredibly erotic about stockings and garters. The silky sheerness that hugs the skin and the little patch of smooth, naked upper thigh contrasted against the dark covered up legs make sissies feel sexy.

After prancing around in my black stockings, garters, thongs and heels, feeling hot and sexy, I called my Mistress. ‘You feel hot and sexy, don’t you sissy gurl?’, she asked. ‘Yes,Mistress.I only wish you were here with me’. ‘Now, imagine me standing there dressed exactly like you are – stockings, heels, thongs, garter, painted nails and toes’. ‘You are so hot and sexy, Mistress’. ‘Kiss my feet. Tell me what you are thinking’. ‘I want to kiss you all over, Mistress. I want to kiss your ass and worship your beautiful pussy’. ‘Bend over and spank your ass, sissy bitch! With your teeny peepee, you don’t have the right to even imagine kissing me. You are a sissy slut, not a man. Kissing my feet is the only privilege you have earned. Now, spank your ass 20 times and with each spank say who you are’. Spank. ‘I am not a man.I am a sissy bitch’. Spank. ‘I am not a man. I am a sissy bitch’. Spank…
‘Don’t ever forget who you are, you small dick sissy gurl. Now, get down on your knees and take off your stockings. Wear them on your hands like gloves.’. ‘Yes, Mistress’. ‘Now, imagine me sitting on a chair in front of you. Imagine your gloved hands as my stocking covered feet. Kiss one stocking covered hand while you rub your clitty with the other hand’. ‘Moan for me, bitch. Lick my toes’. ‘Wait. Stop rubbing your clit. Beg me to suck my toes’. ‘Please Mistress, let me suck your toes’. ‘Harder’. ‘Please Mistress, can I please suck your toes? Please stick your toes in my mouth, Mistress’. ‘LOL. You want to suck, bitch? I will let you suck, but only if you call it a cock’. ‘Mistress?’. ‘Beg me to suck, but instead of toes, say cock’.’………’.’Come on bitch, beg or you don’t get to squirt your sissy cum’. ‘Please Mistress, can I please suck your….cock?’, I said, utterly humiliated, my desire to cum making me obey anything she said. ‘Again’. ‘Please Mistress, stick your cock in my mouth. Please, let me suck your cock’. ‘Go ahead cocksucker, suck it. Drool and slurp on it you cocksucker. I want you to cum with your mouth stuffed with cock’. As I squealed in orgasm sucking on my stocking covered hand, she laughed at my humiliation.

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  1. Ooohh I love to dress like this in black: garters, stockings, bra and high heels with no panties. It makes my sissy-cock stick out so straight when dressed that way. My phone mommy loves to humiliate me when I call her. When she has me finger my sissy boy pussy it makes me so hot--she knows I will do anything then. She makes me tell her my darkest, hottest fantasies. Sometimes she has me lick the assholes of men who are fucking my wife--"what a real sissy-fag who not only licks men's assholes but who does it just to make them fuck his own wife better!" She invites my daughter in to watch so that she can she her sissy-daddy be a sissy fag and learn how to use me that way.

    I beg to get mommy's strap-on up in me. Begging like this in front of my wife and daughter is the height of humiliation but I can't help it--I need mommy's strap on so badly! My favorite way to get a mommy fuck is to slide down on her strap-on while she is sitting and I can look at her and squeeze tightly against her breasts. But then she makes me turn around and slide up and down on her strap-on while looking at my wife and daughter. Oh what a humiliated sissy-fag I am when I come with mommy's strap on in me and my wife and daughter laughing at me!