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sissy slut in pink heels

Though I am still learning to walk gracefully in them, I love wearing high heels. They make my legs look long and sexy.

I especially love them for the humiliation – most often than not, the heels of my shoes are longer and thicker than my puny dicklet!

While my black shoes feel feminine and sexy, these pink heels feel sissy and slutty. As I walked and pranced naked in these pink heels, I felt like a stripper in a sleazy club.

I bent over and spanked myself for being such a slut, but the humiliation of the spanking only added to my excitement.

I sat in the sissy squat position and rubbed my sissy nub until I squirted all over my pretty pink shoes.

I can hide my little clitty, but I can’t hide that I am a sissy slut!

sissy secretary

One of my favorite sissy fantasy involves being a sissy secretary. I think being a secretary is an ideal job for sissies. We can leave the leadership positions to be taken by aggressive, dominant, confidant alpha women and real men. Instead, sissies can delight in the service of these alpha decision makers as demure little sissy personal assistants. Of course, the best part of being a sissy secretary are the skirts and heels.

Many a times, my Mistress has walked me through some fantasies of me serving her as a secretary. Mostly, I end up being a naughty secretary wearing short sexy skirts instead of a classy, professional one.

And, usually, I ended by lifting my skirt and bending over for a spanking for being naughty.

This one time, my Mistress decided to take my humiliation further. ‘My spankings doesn’t seem to be working on you sissy. How come your nails are not painted?’, she asked. ‘I think, I need to let everyone in the office know that you are not a real girl, but just a sissy …

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