Friday, May 29, 2009

black heels and red nails

 A few weeks ago, Mistress made me spend an entire weekend wearing just my shoes. I took a long bubble bath, shaved clean and smoothed on lotion. I painted my toes and fingers slutty red and slipped on my little black heels. 'I know how much you love your panties, slut. But, I want you butt-naked this weekend', she said, 'just practice walking in your heels and think about how ridiculous you are and remember no playing with your little dick'. She made my naked ass stay home the whole weekend, prancing around until my feet hurt. At the end of the two days, she asked me how I felt. 'I feel humiliated and emasculated, Mistress. But, I feel excited that I have mastered the girlie walk. I feel girlie and slutty, Mistress'. 

'Emasculated? You were never masculine, bitch. You don't have to wear panties and other girl clothes to feel girlie anymore. Being yourself as you were born is enough to make you feel girlie. You were never meant to be a man, you were born a sissy bitch!'. She made me lie down on the bed and rub my dicklet. I pinched my nipples and moaned like a girl and squirted my sissy juice all over my belly screaming 'Thank you, Mistress' in a high-pitched sissy voice.


  1. I was wondering, are you taking female hormones?

  2. @Guys Who Wish They Were Girls - No, I am not taking harmones