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sissy bride

My Mistress made me dress up like a bride. Not as a sweet bride in a beautiful white gown but as a slutty one in white lingerie. I was made to walk down the aisle in front of all the guests who were laughing. I had to show everyone my tiny little bald peepee and explain why I was the bride instead of the groom - ‘Thanks everyone for coming to my sissy wedding. As you can see, I am not a real man. I am just a sissy with a tiny dicklet. No girl would marry me and so, my kind Mistress has arranged for me to have a sissy wedding instead’. I then had to kneel down in front of the three men that Mistress had arranged to be my grooms for the day. Mistress asked each of the three men, ‘Do you accept this sissy as your bride for the day and fuck her face?’. After all three accepted with a ‘I do’, she announced, ‘sissy, you may now suck the cocks’.

chop it off?


hump my belly button


you be the girl, i will be the man…


Trying my hand at some captions...


black and white


the gown is pretty…

… the sissy is shameless and naughty!
the gown is soft, clingy and sexy…
… the sissy is horny and slutty!

sissy whore

Fishnet stockings instead of regular sexy stockings and garish pink shoes instead of matching black ones, instantly changes a sissy from a sexy slut to a trashy whore!

‘Dance for me, little whore’, my Mistress said, ‘Show me what a dirty little slut you are’. Having dressed like a sissy whore, I wanted to be one. ‘Shake your ass, slut… You are a whore. Get me hot, slut… Strip off your thongs, sissy. Slow and sexy… I want to see your mini-dick. LOL. Spank that ass…Moan for me whore…I like your little clit framed in stockings bitch. It looks really cute. LOL.’

‘Are you hot, bitch?’
‘Yes, Mistress’
‘Rub your sissy button, whore. Say you are my whore!’.
‘I am your whore, Mistress’
‘I am your sissy whore, Mistress’.
‘Moan bitch. Bite your lips when you say it. Don’t just say it, act like one’
‘I am a sissy whore, Mistress’, I moaned in excitement.
‘As you rub your dick, play with your nipples, whore. Pull them and pinch them. Lick your fingers and then pinch your nipples with …