Saturday, December 13, 2008

i am a sissy

The dictionary defines a sissy as an effeminate boy or man and I think that's an accurate and succinct definition of who I am. I am biologically a male, but I am not a man. I am swishy and feminine but, I am not a female. I am the in-between sex. I am an effeminate boy. I am a sissy.
A big hard penis is the symbol of masculinity; the lack of it defines me as a sissy. A pretty, wet pussy defines womanhood; the lack of it defines my sissihood. I was born a boy but can never be a man. I try to be feminine, but can never be a woman. I am neither here nor there. I am a sissy.
I don't feel like a female trapped in a male body, I don't feel like a man with an unfortunate little penis. I feel like a silly little sissy boy with a puny clitty dicklet.

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