Sunday, November 16, 2008

sissy squirting

The most common position for a sissy girl to play with her tiny little penis is to be on her back with either her legs straight up in the air or her legs up and open with bent knees.
I like to wear my prettiest panties, rub my clit with my palm like a girl, play with my tits, moan like a bitch, squeal in a high-pitched girlie voice that 'i am a sissy girl' and squirm in my bed until I squirt my sissy juice and soak my panties. As if the humiliation of being born a male and having to cum like a girl is not enough, my Mistress insists on continuing my humiliation by not allowing me to clean up. 'You had your fun sissy, now, we must continue your training. You need to be reminded of your submissive status. You need to be degraded for my amusement.' she says, before making me wear my sticky cum soaked wet panties until the next morning. The utter shame of wearing the messy panties, the sticky wet crotch and the dried up cum crust the next morning, all remind me that i am not a man, but, just a submissive sissy wimp.


  1. OMG exactly the same for me. I love your way of thinking. I've always treated my little dick like a hot pussy. I'm new to the blogging world but I would love if you checked out my blog How the Internet changed my sexuality. We have a lot in common.. Thanks xoxox

  2. hot - and fun! i enjoyed this.  thanks for posting.  readers who may be interested in the worlds biggest and best community for anything goes phone sex are also welcome here.

  3. I like to play games like this with my hubby! Where can I find cute panties that have only a small rear opening. I like them better than those with open rear or those with holes in front and back.