Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sissy squat

For a sissy slut, even masturbating is a sissy ritual. I am not allowed to jerk off like boys, I can only milk the sissy cream out of my tiny clit in the most humiliating and feminine way possible.

The sissy squat is my most favorite humiliating sissy pose. With legs wide open and the tiny dicklet shamefully exposed, it is a great position for sissy masturbation. In this position, I am usually not allowed to touch my clit. I am only allowed to think about my shameful sissy fantasies and play with my nipples. I am only allowed to fondle my breasts, squirm, squeal and watch my sissy stick throb shamefully between my legs. My last Mistress had me suck my fingers and then use my wet fingers to pinch and twist my nipples. She reminded me that I am not a man and that I will never be one. She made me pick the pre-cum off my penis and spread it on my breasts. She laughed as I moaned and squirted all over my heels just by playing with my nipples like a true girlie slut.


1 comment:

  1. Exactly how a true sissy does it squatting and playing with nipples. I am usually impaled on a big dildo as well. I swear my neighbors have to hear me moaning and groaning like a true sissybitch and spurting cum out of my spasming clittycock