Sunday, November 23, 2008

sissy milking

I once spoke with a Mistress who considered sissy milking as merely a ritual to amuse herself and a way to push my sissy training much beyond my limits. 'It's not about your pleasure sissy, it's about mine. You don't deserve to stroke your clit to your silly fantasies, you can only milk it to my instructions', she said.

She prevented me from touching my clit for a few days making sure I was on the edge and ready to obey her every order to earn my release. Then, on the milking day, she had me strip naked and assume the sissy slut position, on all fours like a shameless bitch with my sissy marbles and peanut hanging obscenely between my spread knees. She called me her bitch dog and had me bark and wag my ass. She had me crawl to my bed and had me lift one leg and hump the corner of my bed while moaning like a bitch in heat. All the while laughing and satisfied with my obedience, she had me grip my little nub with just my thumb and forefinger and gently stroke it in a milking motion. Immediately, my dicklet started oozing pre-cum. 'Take your sissy dripping and use it as lipstick, bitch. I want your lips glistening with pre-cum. Do it now!', she ordered and I obeyed.

'Now, do you want to suck cock or get fucked by one, today?', she asked. I froze, panicked and said, 'Mistress, I am not gay. I don't want either'. 'Yeah? I don't care. If you want to squirt now, you have to fantasize about one or the other. Or, you could remain in chastity for one more week. So, what is it sissy? Do you want a cock in your mouth or your pussy?', she said in a calm and teasing but authoritative voice. Being a bitch in heat and wanting release, I mumbled 'mouth, Mistress'. 'You want to be a cocksucker?', she laughed, 'then, say it slut'. 'I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress', I said trembling with shame and realizing how low I had gone just to squirt my sissy juice. But, the humiliation only made my dicklet harder! 'Louder, slut'. 'I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress'. 'I said louder, slut'. 'I want to be a cocksucker, Mistress'. 'I can't hear you'. 'I WANT TO BE A COCKSUCKER!'. 'Again'. 'I WANT TO BE A COCKSUCKER!'. 'Stop milking your clitty and put your thumb in your mouth, sissy. Suck it!', she giggled. 'Since this is your first cock, I am starting with a small penis, but soon you are going to learn to suck a real man's cock, whore', she laughed as I sucked and slurped my pre-cum soaked thumb. 'You like sucking cock, don't you, bitch?'. 'Yes, Mistress'. 'Say it. Say, you love sucking cock'. 'I love sucking cock, Mistress', I said while still licking and sucking my thumb. 'Keep sucking, sissy. Take your other hand and stroke your clitty dick. I want you to cum with that tiny thumb penis in your mouth, slut!'. It only took me a couple of strokes to squirt my sissy juice as she ordered. I went to bed with my lips glistening with pre-cum, my penis wet with my sissy cream and my thumb still in my mouth.


  1. that is very hot....
    Love it
    Need it!!!!
    sissy mimi valentine
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  2. Gorgeous, you description is so vivid. I was sucking my thumb whilst reading. x x


  4. Please...pretty please...I so want to be a COCKSUCKER!...I SO NEED TO BE A COCKSUCKER...PLEASEEEE!!! XXXXX ditsee

  5. I used to be a cocksucker and a damned good one if i do say so. Then---got trapped into vanilla hetero marriage---poo, no more cock sucking. I miss it very much. I WANT TO BE A COCKSUCKER AGAIN!!!!!