Friday, November 7, 2008

sissy graffiti

There are a variety of reasons for a sissy to be ashamed of and many more ways for a Mistress to humiliate the sissy slut. One of the interesting ways that some Mistresses have used to humiliate myself is by forcing me to use my own sissy body as a human graffiti wall and write humiliating words or phrases on it with lipstick. Most made me write my various names - 'sissy', 'pansy', 'prissy', 'slut'. Some took it a step further with 'faggot', 'fluffer', 'cocksucker' etc. Some made me write descriptions of my little penis like 'sissy clit', 'dicklet', 'little one', 'teeny'.  And, some others preferred phrases to words - 'i am a sissy slut', 'i have a little dicklet', 'i am not a boy or a girl, just a sissy' etc.

But more than any of these nasty phrases, the one word that made me hang my head in humiliation and shiver with sissy excitement was a normal, everyday word - 'girlfriend'. Yes, Princess Jewel humiliated me by making me write 'girlfriend' on my right hand and treat it as my girlfriend. Since, no girl would ever touch my little clitty dick, she reasoned that my right hand will be one and only girlfriend. She had me say 'i love you' to my right hand girlfriend and even made me propose to her
If you are a sissy, what word or phrase humiliates you the most? If you are a Dom/Domme, what word or phrase do you like to write on your sissy? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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