Tuesday, November 4, 2008

halloween – after dark

I had to spend Sissy Day all alone by myself. But, that didn't prevent me from having some sissy fun. I was dressed as a sissy school girl and it didn't get long to get myself hot and bothered. Soon, the innocent looking sissy girl was stripping like a seasoned pole dancer imagining a wild crowd teasing, laughing and urging her to get naked and show off her sissy clitty and pussy. I could hear the crowd yell, 'Take it off, sissy bitch'. I could sense everyone pointing, smirking and laughing at my tiny little dicklet. I could see my Mistress watching me from the bar smiling and feeling proud as to how well she has trained me. I could feel a few hands spanking my ass as I bent over. I shivered with humiliation and excitement as I squatted on my heels, exposing myself like a shameless bitch. I stroked my sissy stick, muttering 'I am a sissy. I love being a sissy whore', over and over again, and, squirted my sissy juice all over my pretty pink heels! I only wish the crowd was real.

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