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sissy milking

I once spoke with a Mistress who considered sissy milking as merely a ritual to amuse herself and a way to push my sissy training much beyond my limits. 'It's not about your pleasure sissy, it's about mine. You don't deserve to stroke your clit to your silly fantasies, you can only milk it to my instructions', she said.

She prevented me from touching my clit for a few days making sure I was on the edge and ready to obey her every order to earn my release. Then, on the milking day, she had me strip naked and assume the sissy slut position, on all fours like a shameless bitch with my sissy marbles and peanut hanging obscenely between my spread knees. She called me her bitch dog and had me bark and wag my ass. She had me crawl to my bed and had me lift one leg and hump the corner of my bed while moaning like a bitch in heat. All the while laughing and satisfied with my obedience, she had me grip my little nub with just my thumb and forefinger and gently stroke it in…

sissy squirting

The most common position for a sissy girl to play with her tiny little penis is to be on her back with either her legs straight up in the air or her legs up and open with bent knees.
I like to wear my prettiest panties, rub my clit with my palm like a girl, play with my tits, moan like a bitch, squeal in a high-pitched girlie voice that 'i am a sissy girl' and squirm in my bed until I squirt my sissy juice and soak my panties. As if the humiliation of being born a male and having to cum like a girl is not enough, my Mistress insists on continuing my humiliation by not allowing me to clean up. 'You had your fun sissy, now, we must continue your training. You need to be reminded of your submissive status. You need to be degraded for my amusement.' she says, before making me wear my sticky cum soaked wet panties until the next morning. The utter shame of wearing the messy panties, the sticky wet crotch and the dried up cum crust the next morning, all remind me that i am …

sissy squat

For a sissy slut, even masturbating is a sissy ritual. I am not allowed to jerk off like boys, I can only milk the sissy cream out of my tiny clit in the most humiliating and feminine way possible.

The sissy squat is my most favorite humiliating sissy pose. With legs wide open and the tiny dicklet shamefully exposed, it is a great position for sissy masturbation. In this position, I am usually not allowed to touch my clit. I am only allowed to think about my shameful sissy fantasies and play with my nipples. I am only allowed to fondle my breasts, squirm, squeal and watch my sissy stick throb shamefully between my legs. My last Mistress had me suck my fingers and then use my wet fingers to pinch and twist my nipples. She reminded me that I am not a man and that I will never be one. She made me pick the pre-cum off my penis and spread it on my breasts. She laughed as I moaned and squirted all over my heels just by playing with my nipples like a true girlie slut.

sissy graffiti

There are a variety of reasons for a sissy to be ashamed of and many more ways for a Mistress to humiliate the sissy slut. One of the interesting ways that some Mistresses have used to humiliate myself is by forcing me to use my own sissy body as a human graffiti wall and write humiliating words or phrases on it with lipstick. Most made me write my various names - 'sissy', 'pansy', 'prissy', 'slut'. Some took it a step further with 'faggot', 'fluffer', 'cocksucker' etc. Some made me write descriptions of my little penis like 'sissy clit', 'dicklet', 'little one', 'teeny'.  And, some others preferred phrases to words - 'i am a sissy slut', 'i have a little dicklet', 'i am not a boy or a girl, just a sissy' etc.
But more than any of these nasty phrases, the one word that made me hang my head in humiliation and shiver with sissy excitement was a normal, everyday word - 'gi…

halloween – after dark

I had to spend Sissy Day all alone by myself. But, that didn't prevent me from having some sissy fun. I was dressed as a sissy school girl and it didn't get long to get myself hot and bothered. Soon, the innocent looking sissy girl was stripping like a seasoned pole dancer imagining a wild crowd teasing, laughing and urging her to get naked and show off her sissy clitty and pussy. I could hear the crowd yell, 'Take it off, sissy bitch'. I could sense everyone pointing, smirking and laughing at my tiny little dicklet. I could see my Mistress watching me from the bar smiling and feeling proud as to how well she has trained me. I could feel a few hands spanking my ass as I bent over. I shivered with humiliation and excitement as I squatted on my heels, exposing myself like a shameless bitch. I stroked my sissy stick, muttering 'I am a sissy. I love being a sissy whore', over and over again, and, squirted my sissy juice all over my pretty pink heels! I only wish th…

panty of the month

White boy shorts with red cherries is the sissy panty for this month. I love the way these hug my pansy ass and I just adore the little cute bows on the sides!