Friday, October 3, 2008

pink nails

After learning to paint your toes, the next logical thing to do is paint your finger nails. This is a little harder than painting your toes, especially painting your right hand with holding the brush in your left. Practice makes perfect and sissies have all the time in the world to perfect their sissy painting; after all, what else is a sissy going to do, go out on dates??

While it's hard to master, once it is learnt, painting your finger nails can be very addictive. Don't believe me, try playing with your body with shiny, bright painted fingers. It's highly erotic. It almost feels like someone else is playing with you!

The only downside is the disappointment the next morning when I have to remove the polish before heading out to work. While I have ventured out leaving my toe nails painted and hidden under my shoes and socks, I have enjoyed the sissy pleasures of polished fingers only at home.

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