Friday, September 19, 2008

slutty shoes

After I started maintaining a baby smooth hairless body, most of my weekends were spent wearing panties, prancing around in front of the mirror, reading sissy stories, watching shemale porn and squirting my sissy juice! And, my weekdays went by looking forward to the weekends.

As I was getting tired of my sissy routine, longing for someone to share my sissy thoughts with, I discovered the world of phone Mistresses. One saturday night, after a couple of glasses of wine, wearing my pretty panties, feeling sissy, lonely and horny, I called one phone Mistress and was lucky to find a gentle, understanding older Domme.

Hearing me out, she advised me that the next step in my feminization was to start wearing heels. 'Honey, you can't hope to be just a sissy, you need to be a sissy slut', she told me, 'so, get yourself a pair of high heels and start practicing your slutty walk!'.

Though she ordered me to go to a store and buy the shoes, I pussied out and ordered my first pair of female shoes - a black open toe sandal with two inch heels - online. This pair of sandals was a little too small for my feet, as I had guesstimated the size when ordering, but definitely a lot slutty!

As I started practicing my sissy walk in front of the mirror with one hand on my hips, the other limp by my side, sticking out my butt, taking gentle small steps, heels first, toes next, one foot in front of the other, gently swaying my hips, I said out aloud as ordered by my Mistress, 'I am not a sissy, I am a sissy slut!'

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