Friday, September 19, 2008

sissy shaving

As excited as I was when I opened my package from Victoria's Secret and slipped on my first pair of pretty pink panties, it didn't quite look right when I viewed myself in the mirror. Nevertheless that pink panty and a couple of others that I bought with it were my weekend pleasures. I changed from my boxers to panties every Saturday and wore it through the weekend, but took it off if I had to step out of my apartment. I was convinced that I was just a regular boy who just happened to like the feel of panties against his legs. Nothing harmful in wearing panties for a few hours every week, right?

Pretty soon I discovered that I was not alone in my panty wearing ways. The Internet showed me the world of panty boys. As I explored the panty boy lifestyle in the web, I realized what was wrong with my panty clad butt in the mirror - my hairy legs! After a lot of hesitation, trial & error and nicks & cuts, I soon settled down in to a shaving routine. Now, I cannot imagine how I ever wore panties over my hairy legs. Ewww! All those hairy sissies out there, believe me, you are just a hairy panty boy. Only after you start maintaining smooth, hairless legs, you can truly hope to become a pretty sissy.

I now 'Nair' my legs every couple of weeks and, shave them every 3 days. I have almost no chest and back hair, so it's easy for me to keep them smooth and hairless as well. I am completely hairless from the neck down, except for my arms. I am still a closet sissy and pretend to be a man for the outside world. So, I am hoping that my hairy arms distracts everyone from noticing that I am a sissy!

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