Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sissy girl next door

The next step in my feminization as my Mistress ordered it was to learn to curtsey, think pretty and dress like any normal girl next door would. I started wearing long skirts, cute dresses, girl style jeans. I started reading girlie magazines and watching chick flicks. When I dressed up, I felt pretty, I pranced around and thought of myself as a girl.

When I called my Mistress a few weeks later and reported my progress, she was impressed. But, when I told her how I felt like a girl, she laughed hard and had me stand in front of my full length mirror. She made me curtsey, twirl, walk, prance and dance in front of the mirror and I was enjoying it. 'Strip for me girlie', she whispered. As I got down to just my panties and heels, feeling all excited, she said, 'Squeeze your boobs and play with your nipples'. As I fell silent, she said, 'What happened girl, you don't have boobies?'. 'No Mistress, I do not have any boobies'. 'That's right, girlie', she continued, 'now, look inside the front of your panties and tell me if you see a pussy'. As I realized what she was getting at, my excitement went away and my penis shrunk to be limp.

'Take off everything, including your shoes. Get naked, now!', she ordered, 'Look in the mirror and tell me what you see.'. After a quiet few seconds, I mumbled 'I see a sissy, Mistress'. 'Louder sissy, and say it like you mean it', she barked and I obediently cried out loud 'I SEE A SISSY, MISTRESS!'. After making me say out loud 'I am a sissy', a few more times, she explained - 'You can never be a real girl, sissy boy, just like you can never be a real man. Always remember that. All you can hope for is to become a good and obedient little sissy slut!'

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