Wednesday, September 17, 2008

pink panties

After acknowledging his lack of manhood, and maintaining a girlie pit, the next important milestone in a girlie boy's transition is his first pair of panties. I am not talking about your mom's/sister's pair that you secretly tried on. It's not the one you stole from your girlfriend. It's the very first pair you bought for yourself, either by your own choice or after being ordered by a Mistress to do so.
My first pair was this cute pink cotton bikini panties from Victoria's Secret. I have bought other pairs - even sexier and sluttier ones - after this, but this pair signifies an important moment in my sissy life. The moment I slipped those panties on, I heard the door to manhood shut behind me. My pink panty signalled my entry into sissyhood. Like most sissies, I have purged a few times, but when I return to sissydom, I always start with a pair of pink panties.

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