Sunday, September 28, 2008

pink micro skirt

With my Mistress egging me on to move ahead from being just a sissy to a slut, I finally bought this pink micro skirt. While I was used to prancing around in just my panties and heels by then, strangely I had never felt as exposed as I felt while wearing that really short skirt!

To get me to overcome my shyness, my Mistress made me turn on some music and imagine being a model posing in that skirt for a catalog. After I sent her some of the pictures of my pretend photo shoot, she said that she could see the slut in me. 'Mark my words, honey', she said. 'it's only a matter of time before you become the sissy bitch that you are!' Having pleased my Mistress, I stroked my sissy stick, squirting all over my little skirt.

If panties are a sissy's favorite piece of clothing, a sissy slut's favorite has got to be the mini/micro skirt.

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