Tuesday, September 30, 2008

painted toes

The cheapest way to indulge in a sissy activity is to buy a five dollar bottle of nail polish and perfect the art of painting your sissy toes. The thrill of humiliation begins the moment you enter the store to find the perfect color of nail polish. While red, pink and pastels are the sissy colors, there are a variety of different shades within those colors to keep a sissy occupied.

The first few times I bought nail polish, I just grabbed the first one I could get my hands on and bought it along with a cart load of other non-sissy items. Now, I have gained the confidence to slowly take in the various colors, spend at least a few minutes comparing them, before choosing to buy one. Of course, I still choose to shop only at a drug store away from home and work, on a week day, usually around early evening when there is less of a crowd. I don't buy too many other items to hide my sissy purchase anymore; I just buy a birthday card in the hope that the person ringing the purchase might think that I am purchasing a card and some quick gift for a lady friend. Even though I have gained in confidence, I still feel my heart racing as I take my stuff to the cash counter. There is always this sense of sissy adventure, shame and humiliation during the whole checkout process!

Once home, I take a bath, remove all my body hair, apply moisturizers and start my sissy nail painting. I take my time painting each nail carefully. After letting the first coat dry, I apply the next coat watching the soft colors come alive in my sissy toes. A couple of hours of sissy fun all for just five dollars! As I admire my handiwork, I say to myself, 'No real man would ever do this. I am not a real man. Heck, I am not a man. I am a panty wearing, nail polishing, limp wristed sissy slut!'

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  1. Where are the pictures of those painted toes you little whore?