Sunday, September 21, 2008

boy shorts

Panties are most sissies' first and greatest obsession. Pretty panties are the quintessential symbol of women, the essence of femininity that every sissy aspires to. Among the many different styles of panties available, every sissy has their own personal favorite style.

I love lacy bikinis, silky briefs, slutty thongs and naughty G-strings. But, my absolute favorites are those cute adorable cotton boy shorts. While the thongs make me feel sexy and slutty, ever since I graduated from weekend panty play to discarding my male underwear and wearing panties 24/7, I have fallen in love with the boy shorts. They are soft, comfortable, come in plenty of adorable designs and have enough coverage to hide and hold your naughty bits in place. They are the best choice for everyday sissy wear as there are no visible panty lines.

It's ironic isn't it? Me being a boy and confessing to  loving girlie boy shorts! *giggle*

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