Saturday, July 30, 2016

ruffled pink booty shorts and a sissy threesome

As much as I like to expose my little sissy peanut, these pink booty shorts with ruffles all over is one of my favorite sissy clothing to wear. These are so cute and absolutely comfortable. I typically like to wear these ruffle shorts on weekends when I am doing my chores - cleaning, cooking, laundry - around the house.

This time was a little different though as my girlfriend was with me. Yep, Ms. Peggy was all lubed up and plugged in! Walking around while feeling stretched and plugged the whole time, made me feel so much more soft, feminine and submissive. I didn't even feel my little clitty between my legs as it stayed soft, limp and out of mind.

With me spending so much time with Ms. Peggy, my boyfriend Mr. Cock got jealous. He was like 'get your sissy ass over here, you pansy'. 'Get down on your fucking knees and worship me faggot. Show me how grateful you are for having me as your boyfriend'. I crawled on all fours to Mr. Cock and worshiped him. I licked and suckled his balls with this big cock thrashing against my face. I sucked and nursed his cock making it all wet. As I slobbered all over his cock with Ms. Peggy nice and tight in my butt, I realized that it was my first sissy threesome! As I kept sucking and moaning, my little peanut starting dripping precum. It only took a couple of minutes of diddling to make it squirt. As I lay panting in the aftermath of my sissygasm, I realized that I was at peace with who I was - a sissy faggot.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

pretty pink high heels

Yay, my pretty pink high heels arrived in the mail yesterday!

Expecting the delivery I was excited all through yesterday. As soon as I woke up in the morning, butt naked with a tiny stiffie, I checked to see where the package was. When I saw that the package was 'out for delivery', I thought of how funny it would be if the door bell rang just then and I rushed out of excitement and opened the door without realizing that I was bare ass naked. The big, strong, hunky delivery guy would first be shocked and then start laughing at my small, smooth, hairless, girlie body and my silly little baby peepee. I would blush like a silly bimbo and cover my face with my hands. He would laugh even harder and I would turn around trying to hide. He would leave the package down, shake his head while calling me a faggot and maybe even give my exposed ass a tight spank. I giggled for being such a silly sissy and got ready to work.

At work, I kept checking every few minutes to see if the package was delivered yet. Finally, when I saw that the package was delivered at around 3 PM, I immediately left work early feigning a headache. With my heart pounding hard with excitement, I rushed back home and tore open the package to find my pretty pink heels. Before trying it on, I took a nice long bath and shaved by whole body hairless. I applied some soothing cool lotion afterward and felt very pretty and girlie. I then tied a pretty bow around my peanut with my pink ribbon. Finally, feeling ready, I wore the high heels. With a 6" heel, this is the tallest pair of heels I've ever worn. I felt so girlie and sexy with the heels on, but as soon as I tried walking in them, I felt like a silly pansy struggling to maintain my balance. I pranced around the whole house with a joyous grin stuck in my face.

I feel so happy to be back in heels where I belong and to be sharing my silly sissy poses with the whole world. My little weewee needs to be exposed and laughed at.