Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sissy clitty dicklet

Size matters. All sissies know this - especially the cuckolded ones. For most girlie boys, their little dick defines who they are - a submissive sissy. For me, my teeny weeny serves as a constant reminder as to why I can never be a real man. My tiny peepee is the symbol of my sissiness. Every sissy should know their size - not just measured by any ruler, but by a sissy ruler. My penis measures between a 'Button Dick' and a 'Gurly Bump' when soft and grows to be a 'Clitty Dicklet' when hard. If you are a sissy, how do you measure up? You can find the sissy ruler in the Sissy Zone.


  1. I,m a lil sissy clitty faggott also

  2. I'm a married guy but a faggot dicket.
    When we married my wife couldn't believe how tiny I was and ever since then I've been her useless dicklet and she didn't want sex from me. We have 4 kids which I take care of. And none of them are mine, wife takes lovers with big cocks and they get her pregnant. The inlaws don't know nor my parents, but they can't figure out why our kids don't look a bit like me. I do all the housework,cooking, care for the kids and my wife has lovers over I have to clean them both up after there sexcapades. I'am also forced to clean there ass and I have to be available for sex with men. I dress in the buff or in maids clothes which my wife wants.

  3. I don't know if I did it right but I hit the 1 above meaning I rate my clitty a 1. some of the pictures in the rating zome I would call huge cocks and would love to suck and present to my wifes pretty pussy so they could bring her the pleasure I can not. I am good with giving her oral and life for that. I do wish I had been born a girl with a pretty pussy. I went to a doctor about a penis inversion prosses but he said I would be to shallow to have sex as a woman and my pussy would lack labia and fullness so I was better off with my nub in place. I don't know what I'll do as I have to sit to pee or carry a supply of female pee cones so I can pee standing up.